Are you dreaming or are you about to experience an “On the Road” adventure in Australia? Those “good guys” of Tips4Trips , have created this wonderful article (which I am really happy and really detailed and full of information, with some nice “tips” and interesting ideas about topics such as VISA, FLIGHTS, ITINERARIES TO FOLLOW, HOW TO SAVE and other goodies to better enjoy this experience in Australia!

A dream that came true for us in 2018, when we left with a Working Holiday visa for the land of kangaroos. When you think of this huge country, so far away, so big, so expensive, exotic and adventurous, it can seem almost a titanic undertaking to organize a trip to these lands. In reality it is much simpler than you think and contrary to common opinion Australia is not just Sydney, Uluru, desert and creatures ready to kill you at the first inattention!

For us it was the scene of a beautiful On the Road that saw us grind over 35,000 km in the most diverse landscapes. Because Australia is not only red earth, but also centuries-old forests, beaches from which to immerse yourself in the beautiful Coral Reef, parks with fascinating trekking routes and free and enchanting animals. And if its cosmopolitan metropolises are known all over the world, but they are not for you, you will also find the universe of Aboriginal culture with its traditions and legends waiting for you.

Whether you are 15, 30 or 80, whether you are a lover of nature, culture or worldly life, a trip here is an experience that you must live and savor. With this short guide you will understand that a trip to Australia is possible, even if with only 2-3 weeks available. Password? Spirit of adaptation and adventure!